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HR a la Mode has been helping Businesses and Employees for years.

Process development - OPTIMIZE WORK FLOW

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) are our thing!  Simple and easy to follow SOP's help make processes more efficient by removing redundancies.  They also help ensure that things are done consistently.  Our experts will even identify areas for improvement and risk mitigation to prevent common problems from happening again.  You cannot simply fix the problem, you must find the root cause and address it before it happens!


 Do you need help but don't want to deal with the hassle of having to manage employees?  HR a la Mode can help!  We have experience staffing and managing Virtual Assistants (VA's) for several of our clients

Office setup & ERGONOMIC Evaluations

Our team has set up offices, manufacturing process flows and work stations, as well as shipping department process flows, storage, and work stations using ergonomic best practices.


Helping you setup HR right so you don't need to worry about it.  Our team has setup HR for businesses of all sizes.  Everything you need without the hassle.  Creative solutions that work for any budget!

Employee Relations & Performance Management

Our HR experts are professional and discrete.  We will work with you and your employees to resolve issues and improve work performance.

Employee Training that sticks

Tired of monotonous training that puts employees to sleep?  Worry no more!  Our HR experts use Brain Science and training best practices to develop a custom training plan based on your business' needs.  Our engaging training will have your employees smiling ear to ear as they absorb the training materials.


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Our Experts better understand your needs & develop plans to address your concerns.  We are continually optimizing our processes in order to better serve our clients.

Due diligence

Don’t have time to do the research & double-check everything?  Don’t fear, A La Mode Group is here!  Our Experts will do the hard work and due diligence to make sure it is done right, the first time, every time.

Execute & Monitor

Our team has managed numerous projects for clients of all sizes – from diverse industries from SaaS to Medical, to Hospitality, to Tech &  Semiconductors.  We will execute projects through completion and continue to monitor and optimize, as needed.

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Coaching for Individuals

Our team has over a decade of experience working directly with company Executives, HR teams, Accounting/Finance and CFO's, and Managers & have gained valuable insight on how Hiring, Promotion, and Pay Decisions are made because we have been involved in the discussions. Get the competitive advantage & have an HR coach on your side. 

Interview Coaching

Our HR experts have interviewed thousands of people and have seen it all, the best and the worst of interviews and will coach you through landing your dream job!  

promotion conversation coaching

Not sure how to ask for a Promotion or Raise?  We have helped numerous clients justify their case for a Promotion and coached them through the promotion negotiation process.  Our team will benchmark your position compared to others in the market and help you determine what your pay should be and how much to negotiate for.   We will even do mock / practice Promotion Meetings with you to make sure you feel confident walking into your Promotion Meeting!

Performance review coaching

Worried about your next performance review?  Worry no more!  Our team will listen to your concerns and provide you with a game plan for your meeting.  Still concerned?  We also offer Mock Performance Review meetings!  Get expert HR feedback, advice, and coaching so you are not caught offguard during your next meeting.


Our team has helped with companies nationwide hire interns as well as setup full internship programs and worked with universities nationwide.  We can guide you on what courses to take or projects to do to increase your chances.  We have valuable insight that will help you land the Internship of your Dreams!