Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions

I have a project, but I'm not sure what I need - how can you help?

Our team has helped clients scope out their projects to determine project deliverables, timelines, priorities, etc.  We recommend the Project Needs Assessment

I need to set up my business processes, which service should I get?

We recommend our Business Process Modeling / Workflows service.  We will meet with you and your IT team to better understand your business processes, operations, etc and develop an optimized workflow for you.

I already have business process, but none of it is written. Can you help?

Yes, our team has worked with companies of all sizes to develop easy to read SOP’s that employees can easily read and understand.  We recommend SOP Development / Optimization service.

What is optimization?

Optimization is making something, a process, etc, the best and most efficient it can be.  The process often involves assessing the business to address pain points, common customer complaints, product issues, etc.  It also involves making processes as efficient as possible by removing redundant processes and the use of automation, systems, and tools.  Learn more about Business Process Optimization

I only need a couple of hours of consulting, what should I get?

We offer A La Carte Consulting Services – pay for the number of hours you  A La Carte Consulting Services 

I need ongoing help, do you offer that?

Yes, we offer several consulting Service Packages – pick the one that best fits your needs