You have business processes and work flows in place and everything works but not as well as it should.  You know things can be improved but you are not sure where or how.  This is where Business Process Optimization comes in.

What is Business Process Optimization?

Business Process Optimization is the process of re-evaluating and improving your business processes.  Before you begin optimizing your business processes, you will need to do a business process analysis and business process mapping.

Business Process Analysis

In order to start improving and optimizing your business processes, you must first analyze the steps to identify areas for improvement through the use of automation, tools, system, etc.

Business Process Mapping / Workflows

In order to understand your work flows and how various departments and processes interact, it is important to map out your business processes.  You can do this by creating a flow chart which shows the highlevel flow of business processes.  This will make it easy to see any redundant steps.  One example is the same process being done by multiple employees from different departments, this is redundant work that does not add value.

Why is Business Process Optimization important?

Identify Inefficiencies – Reduce Labor Costs

When you identify inefficiencies and fix or improve it, your labor costs go down.  Employees spent less time doing the work required.  One example is with redundant processes, ie the same steps being done multiple times whether or not it is by the same person.

Improve Processes – Improve Efficiency

There is always room for improvement.  If something has been done by only 1 person, you are assuming that they have been doing it correctly.  This is a false assumption.  What if the process created was incorrect in the first place.  If you never update, change or improve the process, how will you know if it is being done correctly or most efficiently?  This is a classic case of “You don’t know, what you don’t know” which is why is it important to get experienced professionals to help you optimize your processes.  Sometimes when you are so deep in process, you can’t see the forest from the trees so it is good to have your processes reviewed by a fresh set of eyes who know what to look for.

Automation – Free Up Time to Do More Meaningful work

The one thing we all cannot get more of is time so when you and/or your employees get more time to do more meaningful work, your business will benefit.  The HR a La Mode team has worked with IT to implement systems and tools and look forward to helping make your business run smoother!