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Business Services

A la Mode Group offers a number of consulting services and roles that are essential to any business.  We help businesses run efficiently including processes and workflows to help operations run cost-effectively, while improving the overall business in ways that helps achieve business goals.  Go from overwhelm & hectic chaos to smooth and optimized in a matter of weeks!  With the right tools and know how, we will fix and improve your operations and processes.

More than Hiring and Firing

strategic HR partners

HR or Human Resources is the department responsible for managing resources related to employees.  HR is more than just hiring and firing and pushing forms – HR involves anything related to helping employees succeed in their role.  Some examples include setting up the processes, systems, etc. required for employees to successfully do their job:  Creating SOP’s, Improving/Optimizing Business Processes, on the job training that sticks, performance management, coaching, etc.

Trusted by all size

Companies & Clients

Russell Stover
psemi formerly Peregrine Semiconductor
PatientSafe Solutions
Ace Parking
APRO rent to own
fly discs disc golf
whatever skateboards
morgan media
Collegiate Tutoring

set your business up for success

Business Operations Services

 Our Passion is Helping Startups, Small Businesses, & Midsize Companies Optimize their Processes, Workspace, & Culture to Set People up for Success.

Improve Office Culture

An Inspiring Workplace and Culture is a Game Changer that your Team looks forward to every single day.  Fun and Creative Employee Incentives, Events, Design & more.

Business Process Optimization

Get your business and operations running like a finely tuned machine.  Workflows, Automation, & Communication tools that set your People up for Success.  Processes & Resources to Scale your Growing Business.  

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

 Document your processes, standardize the procedure, and create a training manual that your employees can use to train themselves!  Get more consistent results/product, less mistakes/errors, save time, and increase employee accountability. 

Tools & Software

Technology Partners

Jira Software


Nancy was a pleasure to work with and is definitely the Queen of SOP’s (Standardized Operating Processes)! The Quality + Timeliness of her work Exceeded my Expectations I would highly recommend hiring her for SOP, documentation, operations/process improvements, etc.”

Lee Ingram

 Founder & CEO, Collegiate Tutoring

your secret weapon to your next level up

Management & Career coaching

Our Passion is Empowering Businesses, teams, and individuals!

Career Coaching

Land your Dream Job.  Our team will help you with your resume, do mock practice-interviews, & coach you through the interview process, pay negotiation, etc.

Management Coaching

Managing employees is no small task.  With employees comes personnel issues – our team will coach you through management issues to help you stay compliant with state and federal laws while reducing risk and keeping employees happy.

Training & Development

We will develop a custom training and development plan for your team.  Our team is skilled in creating and leading engaging training sessions that stick! 

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